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Nutritious and healthy aspects of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Aspectos nutritivos y saludables del Aceite

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered the healthiest fat and higher nutritional content, including all plant, thanks to its high quality and the benefits that its decision gives us health. It is known that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. Among its products, olive juice is one of the most valued. The olive fruits are harvested at optimum ripeness and flavor with a mechanical grinding process pressure processes or modern physical methods to extract the wonderful “liquid gold” without chemical treatments. In this way all the nutritional contributions of the fruit in origin are maintained.   nutrients of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There are many properties of olive oil, its contribution of substances with antioxidant effect, their omega 3 and 6, very beneficial to the human body acids and vitamins that we ingest through this “liquid gold”. Vitamin E, one of which greater proportion are in virgin olive oil, is the oldest antioxidant we know, very effective in protecting cells in the human body of some harmful elements contained in snuff, smoke it generates, environmental pollution of modern cities, pesticides, etc.

Furthermore, it is an important contribution of nutrients that have to combat one of the great scourges of modern society: stress and anxiety.

Important benefits to the human body  

Different studies have been conducted have concluded that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent protector of our intestinal tract and also a good laxative. On the skin, the oil used as an ointment has powerful healing action, cleaning our dermis, and even as wound healing. nutritious and healthy aspects of Oil Vitamins that are contained in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil promote blood circulation, effectively protecting our heart and preventing blood clots. Also strengthen our nervous system is taking this exceptional product. A known effect of oil is the contribution of cholesterol called “good” for our body, regulating the level thereof, and lessening the harmful cholesterol levels more.

This compensation occurs due to its content of monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) and its contribution in natural antioxidants.


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