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Hydroxytyrosol Acetate

It is an ortho-diphenol present in the nature which is also generated in our stomach and gut from Hydroxytyrosol.


Isolated, the product is a non-bitter white solid, a perfect characteristic for using it as food additive in juices and dairy products and a good stabilizer agent in oils.

Advantange in the face of other products
Better at quenching free radicals than Vitamin E and Oleuropein
Better anti-oxidant than trans-resveratrol


It is an ortho-diphenol presents in the nature which is generated in our organism through the metabolism of flavonoids contained in fruits

Isolated, the product is a white solid, ideal to be used as agent stabilizer in vegetable oils.

Likewise Hydroxytyrosol, Dopac acts preserving the cognitive function decline involved in neurodegenerative diseases.

Advantange in the face of other products
In addition to its functional properties it does not form the harmful trans-fats generated during hydrogenation when stabilizing oils.