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Five extraordinary uses of the olive oil

The olive oil is a natural product which main use happens in the kitchen, but that also serves for many other things, many of them not known for us. What extraordinary uses can we give this one so coveted product? Here we leave to you five utilities that it is possible that you do not know. Ready attention!

It finishes with the dryness of the skin

Using it along with other products as essential oils, the olive oil is perfect for humectar the skin and to avoid its redryness. Use only a few drops and smear them for the whole body to verify its effectiveness.

Farewell to the hair!

At the time of the shave, the olive oil can be a big ally. So much if you are a man like woman, smear the surface to be shaved with little olive oil and we will achieve that the chopper slides much better. At the same time, we will avoid the annoyance and the reddening.

Natural make-up remover

The olive oil turns into an effective completely natural make-up remover in all kinds of skins. Apply it accompanying yourself of a cotton disc and rub gently for the whole face, paying special attention to the area of the eyes.

It washes your plates

For it it is enough to apply a few oil drops on the surface of the plates or pans and to rub in some minutes with a fibre scourer. Later it is possible to rinse lightly and to keep on washing with detergent for frets, as we do it commonly. This way it will be easier to clean the pans to us.

Natural analgesic

If we have the gullet annoyed or some we notice some another discomfort, to consume an olive oil teaspoonful will help us to feel us better and, in some cases, diminish greatly the annoyance and the pain.